Una iniciativa para tratar de que el nuevo presidente de los EEUU tenga en cuenta algunos asuntos importantes: entren en esta dirección y pueden fírmarla. Les copiamos aquí el contenido del escrito…


On January 20th, 2009, President-Elect Obama will deliver his inaugural address. His words will set the tone for how we as a nation will rise to meet the crises we face, and how our allies abroad will respond.

We at Worldchanging believe the inaugural address must call on all Americans to prepare for a national transformation: to turn America into a climate-neutral nation by 2030. This is a monumental challenge, but it is an even better opportunity. The things we must create to fight climate change are also the things we need to generate a strong economic recovery: livable cities, clean energy, green jobs, new technologies, better transportation, healthy forests and thriving family farms.

With your help, we will show that the people of the United States are ready and willing to accept this challenge. And we will ask Obama to issue a call to action with an inaugural address that set specific goals to do the following:

  • Set a national cap on greenhouse gas emissions
  • Launch a national campaign to curb sprawl and encourage smart growth
  • Set national building standards that will require all buildings to be carbon neutral by 2030
  • Redirect all funding and support for fossil fuels into clean energy development
  • Give policy support to small farms, local food, and better food quality in schools and low-income neighborhoods
  • Take a leadership position in international climate, trade and development talks

Please sign below and add your name to the letter that will urge Obama’s administration to deliver this vital message in his very first speech as President.

Join supporters around the country to Inaugurate Change.

**Worldchanging will not sell or distribute your private information.

Publicado el 7 December, 2008
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